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Experienced professionals

Are you looking for exciting and demanding challenges in an international environment? Whether you are a specialist with many years of experience or a career changer – igus® offers you excellent opportunities to contribute your potential and experience and get started in the best possible way. We are looking for experienced specialists and executives who are motivated to handle demanding an exciting projects in a cooperative environment.

After an extensive familiarisation period, your day-to-day work will be marked by responsibility and independence. We firmly believe in individual responsibility. "Away with the bosses. Bring on the customer. Everyone is a manager." is an adage that has established itself at igus®. Work at igus® is characterised by the corresponding degrees of freedom. We attach importance to successful, long-term collaboration. For this reason, we provide your with support both at a professional and personal level with attractive further development opportunities.


Christos - Production team leader


"I have been working at igus® since 5 May 1994 I still remember having my first job interview with founder Günter Blase. I was well prepared, of course, and brought all my documents and certificates with me. But Mr Blase wasn't at all interested in them. He told me that the more brains I had in my head the higher I would be able to climb the career ladder. I started off as a packer and was elected employee of the year five years later. Soon afterwards I was already responsible for planning and work preparation in production. Today, I head a team of 125 people and 265 machines. In this respect, I find it important to have direct contact to my colleagues and to have a good working atmosphere. I have been here for a long time and I think it's great that igus® is, despite its size, still a family-run company where everyone can talk to everyone else."


Lazaros - Regional Technical Sales Manager


"In 1998, I drove a friend to his job interview at igus®. I had just finished my apprenticeship and was planning an extended holiday in my homeland, Greece. When the head of human resources at igus® handed me an application form, I completed it without taking it too seriously and had no idea that things would turn out differently. I was given an offer as a production assistant and was given such a cordial welcome by my new colleagues on the very first day that I changed my plans. A short time later I switched to an office job and before I knew it I was sitting next to CEO Frank, who gave me a four-week crash course in my new assignment: deadline monitoring. Two years later I was given the opportunity of joining technical sales, where I have been a regional manager since 2010 and, together with my team, take care of several thousand customers."

How igus® is organised


At igus® we not only talk of flat hierarchies, but we also really put them into practice! After all, rapid implementation of ideas and our innovative power is an essential basis for our success. Long paths through various corridors of power or complex coordination procedures would also not fit in at all here. On the contrary, we work intensely towards enabling each and every individual to assume more responsibility and to achieving the necessary transparency at all levels. 


Individual familiarisation programme


We place great value on a careful, cross-divisional and, most of all, individual familiarisation programme. We are aware that this enables new colleagues to contribute their abilities without delay. Whether a new colleague from outside the company or one transferring internally – all employees are carefully prepared for their new duties on the basis of an familiarisation plan tailored to their activities and individual needs. At our Welcome Dayœ, all new colleagues come together in order to familiarise themselves even more with the word of igus®. At this event they are further provided with a great amount of useful information enabling them to quickly orientate themselves in the new environment.

Further training at the igus® Academy


Whether labour law or time management, our "igus® Academy" provides both new and long-standing employees with further training opportunities, whether at a professional or personal level, at our internal and external seminars and courses. Among other things, we offer management seminars, product range and product training and weekly language courses. 

igus® kidz


igus® has something very special to offer the children of long-standing employees. We make it possible for them to get to know the big, wide world as part of an internship of up to six weeks at one of our international subsidiaries. Whether they go from Germany to another country or from another country to Germany, the igus® kidz programme allows our children to make their own experiences and benefit directly from their parents' job.

igus® kidz  
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Do you have any questions?


Our FAQ section gives you answers to the most important questions about jobs at and your application to igus®. It is worth having a look. This section also provides valuable tips for the application process so that nothing comes between you and your dream job.