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Personnel development

Personnel development at igus® consists of two main pillars. Firstly, we want to be able to identify and meet the requirements of markets and technologies as they arise, even it they are only barely perceptible on the horizon. Secondly, we want to offer our people a perspective that allows them to recognise and utilise their long-term opportunities. In line with this, we have brought together and organised the associated activities under the igus® Horizon concept.


igus® Academy


igus® Academy offers a programme of professional and personal development that is constantly being updated and expanded. It contains company-specific issues such as our product training. Furthermore, the programme offers, among other things, language courses, software training, work techniques and seminars on personal development that are open to all employees.

igus® Young Talents


igus® Young Talents directly targets junior staff and includes not only assistance with vocational orientation but also a very wide range of internships, allocation of specialist and final papers and direct entry through an apprenticeship or traineeship. 


igus® Progress


Within the scope of the igus® Progress programme, we continually refine the environment for cooperation between people at igus®. In order to increase our success through our customers' success. This includes, for example, our idea management programme, the annual employee performance review, methods of employee assessment and topics from the field of health management and safeguarding an adequate level of data protection.