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Working at igus®

This is igus®


igus® GmbH is a dynamic, owner-managed company based in Cologne-Porz. As a company with international operations, we supply the whole world with our technical products made of high-performance plastics; in the meantime, we are represented by subsidiaries in 34 countries. Over the last 10 years, our company has grown to more than 4,000 employees.

Communication at igus® is easy and uncomplicated because everyone is on familiar terms. Our corporate culture also means that there are no privileges for anyone. Whether a member of top management or of the production staff, everyone has the same desk, gets the same food in the same canteen and enjoy the annual igus® ball and the summer festival together.

These are things you should bring with you


We place customers and their success at the focus of all our efforts. At the same time, we want to create an environment in which people feel comfortable. What are the characteristics needed by someone who can realistically make use of the opportunities we offer? We are looking for dedicated people, people who are constantly wondering what benefit each of their actions may have for our customers. We wish for self-confident individuals who occasionally question the purpose of their task. We appreciate loyalty but we also do not like blind obedience. We love people who are hungry without ruthless focusing on their own benefits. We love clarity, openness and honesty that does not cause hurt. Anyone who will willing to learn, is ambitious without losing the ability to have fun will be able to forge ahead at our company.

Frank Blase, CEO


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Our FAQ section gives you answers to the most important questions about jobs at and your application to igus®. It is worth having a look. This section also provides valuable tips for the application process so that nothing comes between you and your dream job.


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